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In-home services are offered in the DFW area. Virtual services are also available if not located in the local area.

Nursing Newborn

Our Philosophy

An inclusive Lactation Practice that educates and supports the normalization of breastfeeding




My name is Demetria Martin and I am a Certified Lactation Counselor. I am also a mom to a wonderful little boy named Ace.

My mission is to create an inclusive Lactation practice that educates and supports to normalize breastfeeding. 

Why Inclusive? 

Despite the increased rate of breastfeeding initiation in the United States, minority groups continue to have lower breastfeeding rates compared to other groups. Ironically, breastfeeding lowers the risks of disease that minority groups are more prone to (i.e. hypertension, cardiovascular disease.)


Why Educate? 

I have a Master’s in Public Health in Community Health Education. The entire premise of this degree is to promote population health, while working to overcome a variety of socioeconomic factors. Education and access is one key factor in overcoming health barriers. Additionally, educating the public, not just nursing mothers, will continue the societal shift in normalizing breastfeeding.  


Why Support? 

During my own breastfeeding journey, I yearned for support. I’ve had this discussion with many other mothers, and each of these women wished that they had more support. From the moment proceeding delivery, to the point mothers begin pumping during the work day, women desire a solid support system. While I was pregnant with my son, a friend of my husband’s told me I would try to breastfeed for a few days and give up because it’s just too difficult. (Can you believe this?) I was determined to prove him wrong, even though we would never discuss it again. To this day, he does not know that I went on to breastfeed Ace for 22 months. 


Too often statements like this have opposite effect for us. Let’s say that I had too many challenges while nursing; I may have internalized what this man said to me, and then given up on breastfeeding prematurely. I wouldn’t be here today. Don’t give up. You can do this. 

Bottom line,

I care about your journey. This impacts you, me, my friends, my family, our community and nation. It impacts policies and practices. I have talked to so many people who have had different journeys.  These journeys weren’t all easy. These challenges were very difficult: the child struggled, the mother struggled. Some had surgeries, some didn’t have help, especially from from someone who looked like them. Some were judged for not knowing how to breastfeed, and they didn’t know who to call. I would love to be that inclusive supporter and educator that helps to ensure your journey is everything you want and more. 

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